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Wanda meets Berry

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Wanda meets Berry is the first book in the Berry and Wanda series. 

It is aimed to support children up to the age of 7 by showing them the importance of friendship and connection. 

The book is a children's paperback picture book that includes beautiful hand-drawn watercolour illustrations and is written in rhyme. At the end of the book, there is also a mindfulness activity that children can connect with as well as some magic words that they can say to help them when they may be feeling lonely or doubting themselves.

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Did you love Wanda meets Berry? Are you interested in supporting you child's mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development in a positive and interactive way? The 1st book series from The Berry and Wanda Programme has 6 magical, mindful books - the first of which Wanda meets Berry was released via a Kickstarter campaign in April 2021. The remaining 5 in the series are being launched together from 24th June 2021! 

Berry finds his smile - helps to inform children that it is ok to feel sad sometimes, but with a little time and the support of their loved ones, they will feel better again. 

Wanda needs a tummy hug - Wanda's tummy starts to feel poorly, together Berry and their good friend the wise old Willow tree (Salix Whisper) show Wanda how to help her tummy feel better. 

Berry loses a tooth - Whilst helping Wanda, Berry loses his first tooth! Wanda helps Berry to soothe and calm - and telling him all about the Tooth fairy Tarin and her very important job.

Berry and Wanda get a cold - Lenny the Leprechaun is visiting Firefly Forest. So together with Wanda he goes to meet Berry. They soon discover that poor Berry is in bed not feeling very well. Lenny has just the answer and is able to make a special medicine to help him feel better. 

Wanda and Berry play a game - Wanda and Berry are feeling very bored one day and don't know what they can do. Then they realise, it's up to them and find that they can make their own new game to play. 

The first book Wanda meets Berry is available through this website or it can be ordered as part of the kickstarter campaign along with the rest of the books. 

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