Holistic Practices for Children

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Our Goals

To support babies and children from birth up to the age of 4.

The Berry & Wanda Programme empowers parents and children by incorporating essential life skills that they will be able to adapt into their lives as second nature. 

Teaching skills that will support their little ones well-being and development whilst aiding bonding and confidence of the parents.  

At The Berry & Wanda Programme we combine a range of wellness practices from Mindfulness, Yoga, Massage, Reflexology and more, that are based around magical stories that you will enjoy reading again and again, ensuring a truly Holistic service that infuses effortlessly for the children.

All whilst helping to expand their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health

which is at the heart of our specialised programmes. 

As our programme expands and develops (watch this space), the aim of The Berry and Wanda Programme is to create a consistent brand that grows and changes with the children, providing familiarity and stability that they can carry through until late childhood. 

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4 Stage development programme

It's never too early to introduce therapeutic practices to babies. There are 4 sets of 6-week programmes specifically tailored to support babies as they grow and develop. Through Barry and Wanda stories, specific techniques are combined, including mindfulness, breathwork, massage, reflexology, yoga, and more that help parents/carers and babies bond, increase communication, aid development, and more. 

Stage 1: Birth to Pre-Movers (approx. 9 months)

Join Berry and Wanda on their adventures incorporating holistic practices to support your little one's growth and development as well as aid common newborn imbalances such as teething, digestive troubles, sleep support and more. These interactive sessions include breathing techniques for parents, affirmations, sensory time and meditation included with the story that builds in the specific techniques to support the session's theme. 

Stage 2: Crawlers (approx. 9months) to pre-walkers 

As your little ones become more inquisitive and their development continues, these sessions are adapted to support their newfound freedom. The sessions become more play and movement-based whilst still bringing in the holistic aspects of the sessions. 

Stage 3: Walkers to 2 years

Continuing our journey with Berry and Wanda, developing and building on their growing skills, reinforcing mindfulness, self-awareness, self-care and supporting their health and well-being. Again the sessions are more movement-based to keep them interested and engaged. 

Stage 4: 2years to 4years (pre-school)

Helping to support your little ones as they learn more about the world around them and building on the importance of mindfulness, well-being, self-awareness and confidence. 

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Berry and Wanda Book Series

Pre-orders available from 24th June 2021

The remaining books in The 1st Berry and Wanda Series will be available to pre-order via a Kickstarter campaign from 24th June 2021! 

Collect the magical, mindful, children's picture book set - whether you already have a copy of the first book Wanda meets Berry or not, you can add the remaining 5 books or all 6 books to your child's collection. 

Each story has a magical tale that is written in rhyme and focuses on supporting mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, growth and development. 

The books are suitable for children up to the age of 8/9 years. 

Find out more by clicking the link below... and DON'T forget to check the option to be reminded of when the Kickstarter campaign launches! 

Be part of the amazing journey bringing these books into circulation and into the hands and minds of children...