Holistic Practices for Children

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We are now going to be offering sessions from Chilly Kiddy's play area in Stourbridge! Yippee! 


To celebrate our new venue we are offering free taster sessions on Wednesday 6th April.

You can book either a Newbies session or a Mini Movers Session for FREE on either date! 

Berry and Wanda Children's Books

Available NOW  

Join Berry and Wanda on their magical mindful journeys. 

Beautifully illustrated children's picture books that are written in rhyme and include mindful messages and practices that support children's mental and emotional well-being. 

Wand meets Berry is the first book that focuses on the importance of friendship and inclusion. 

Berry finds his smile is the second book that helps children to understand that it is ok to feel sad at times and that one way or another their smile will always come back. 

Berry and Wanda's Magical Yule is the third book that teaches children the meanings behind a lot of the traditions of the time of year and what makes Yule (and Christmas) so special. 

The books are suitable for children up to the age of 7-9. 


Our Goals

To support babies and children from birth up to the age of 9.

The Berry & Wanda Programme empowers parents and children by incorporating essential life skills that they will be able to adapt into their lives as second nature. 

Teaching skills that will support their little ones well-being and development whilst aiding bonding and confidence of the parents.  

At The Berry & Wanda Programme we combine a range of wellness practices from Mindfulness, Yoga, Massage, Reflexology and more, that are based around magical stories that you will enjoy reading again and again, ensuring a truly Holistic service that infuses effortlessly for the children.

All whilst helping to expand their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health

which is at the heart of our specialised programmes. 

As our programme expands and develops (watch this space),the range of services, resources and techniques will develop and become available within a range of different settings across the UK. 

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Multi-Stage Development Programme

It's never too early to introduce therapeutic practices to babies. There are a range of programmes specifically tailored to support babies as they grow and develop into children. Through Barry and Wanda stories, specific techniques are combined, including mindfulness, breathwork, massage, reflexology, yoga, and more that help parents/carers and babies bond, increase communication, aid development, and more. 

Newbies: Birth to Pre-Movers.

Join Berry and Wanda on their adventures incorporating holistic practices to support your little one's growth and development as well as aid common newborn imbalances such as teething, digestive troubles, sleep support and more. These interactive sessions include breathing techniques for parents, affirmations, sensory time and meditation included with the story that builds in the specific techniques to support the session's theme. 

Mini movers: Crawlers (approx. 9months) to pre-walkers. 

As your little ones become more inquisitive and their development continues, these sessions are adapted to support their newfound freedom. The sessions become more play and movement-based whilst still bringing in the holistic aspects of the sessions. The structure of the sessions are similar to the Newbies sessions, however they teach parents/guardians how to adapt to a more mobile little one. 

Magical Explorers: Stay and play based suitable for mixed ages including Babies, Pre-schoolers, Home-Educated, Primary Age and venue depending ability adaptable.

Continuing our journey with Berry and Wanda, developing and building on their growing skills, reinforcing mindfulness, self-awareness, self-care and supporting their health and well-being. These session take on a more of a stay and play feel where there will be a variety of different 'stations' set up with different actives for the children to explore themselves, at the end of the session we come together for a story and some relaxation / mindful time. This session will have resources and activities that support a wide range of ages making it perfect if you have children of varying ages and development/interest stages. 

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